Nice film, Social Network, independently from the fact that nowadays everybody speaks about a company with approximately 500 million of members (maybe not all real member or some false or vacant, however, a huge number!).


It is nice, because it tells Mark Zuckerberger’s story, the founder and inventor of Facebook, but mainly because it shows the students’ life in the Harvard campus. Besides the wonderful college, it gives a picture of the young American generation always keen on the achievement of the social success and richness.


An example: the Rector of the University, when some students complained on the fact that Zuckerberg stole their idea, he said: “well, start thinking about a new one”. Harvard is plenty of young people thinking about new business models to become rich. That’s America.


Their attitude to develop new ideas is the key factor of their success. It is a nation that “keep the point”, and that is willing to stay in pole position, and basically it is.


Mark Zuckerberger is a genius, unable to handle human relationships and chilly. He is, however, a genius, quicker and cleverer than all the others. If so, Harvard is the right place to grow up, with its laboratories, classes, silly parties and silly rituals (in most cases class rituals), but mainly with its students, who perfectly know that to stay there, they must try their utmost.


The problem is not in the Universities, but in the society and, as stated by Severgnini in an article on the film, our society is bored, lackluster and blocked by a corporative system, even worse than in USA.


Last thought, the film gives an exact idea of the huge work behind the creation of Facebook, the various applications, the ideas, the writing, the constant attention necessary to keep everything updated. To understand Facebook, you must be on Facebook. People outside internet do not fully understand the phenomenon, but they can in any case enjoy the happy story of a capitalism which is going to change the world.


Too enthusiastic ?