(this is a tentative transaltion – I’m afraid with unwilling funny effetcts – of this italian post)

Maybe last Coppola’s film title should be written as a question.  Is there somewhere a good script moving the good old fellow Sofia to do a real new film and not another copy of Lost in Traslation?

It’s true: the scripts apparently are different. There, in Lost, on old actor met a young girl and fought a crisis against the eldrest itself, whilst here we are speaking about a young actor really bored about his life.

Two different stories, you can say, but always stories about people without anything to say and that, therefore, do not say anything.

The structure of the stories is similar, too: both scripts play on what I’d have said, but I didn’t at the end. In Lost in Translation the end is a sentence said, but that nobody can hear a part from the two in the film; here there is again a sentence said at the end of the film, but noone can hear because there is a big noise all around.

From an italian point of view Coppola copies Antonioni, but it’s difficult to say if she gets the same heights. My feeling is that she is still well far away. I think that movies are so exciting and strong due a mix among pictures, sounds and words and doing a movie without words is like presenting a body without an arm.

Of course from a literature point of view, there always have been who thinks that people is what one says (and therefore you can describe them only through dialogs) and who is sure that we are what we do or precisely the way we are doing things describe better who we are. Sofia Coppola belongs to this second party.

In any case, I didn’t like this movie, even if there are some spots amusing and other terrific. Amusing is the relationship between the father (the actor) and the daughter. Amusing is the gag with the massage, where we discover what we already know (strange people have strange internet site describing strange theories). Terrific is how Coppola describes Italy and our star system vis a vis american star system. Here our major gives Milan key to the actor (and he didn’t understand what it’s happening), there (Los Angeles) an actor out of work is as any other worker: normal. Italy is really one of the land of the emperor, without dignity and law, but this is another matter.